Philippe Thélin – Painter, Switzerland


Represented by AGORA GALLERY-Chelsea New York City


Philippe Thelin, born in 1950, lives and works at Montreux (Switzerland).

He is a geologist, PhD degree at Lausanne University. Post-doctoral fellow in University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Researcher-teacher at the Institute of Mineralogy and Geochemistry, Lausanne University (1977-2009). Topics of research: Alpine geology, low-grade metamorphism, clay mineralogy and X-ray crystallography.

Self-taught painter, he began his artwork in 1994 after a breakdown.

Till 2012, he kept his artwork for himself (oils, acrylics, water-colors, oil pastels, charcoal and pencil drawings).




2015   Galerie du Marché Prestige, Montreux (collective-September 2015)

2015   MontreuxArtGallery 2015, Montreux (solo-November 2015)

2016   Satura Gallery, Feria ArteGenova (February 2016)

2016   Galerie du Marché Prestige, Montreux (solo-March 2016)

2016   MontreuxArtGallery 2016, Montreux (solo-November 2016)

2017   Agora Gallery «Breaking with Realism», Chelsea, New York City

           (collective-January 2017)  cf.

2016   Salon des artistes indépendants, Paris (February 2017)

2016   Video-exhibition Arte Impero, Paris, Vienne, Rome

2016    D.O.C. a cura di Paolo Levi Video-exhibition, Verona, New York,


2017   Biennale di Genova 2017, Genova (June 2017)

2017   Galerie du Marché Prestige, Montreux (collective-May 2017)

2017   Galerie du Marché Prestige, Montreux (solo-September 2017)

2017   Galerie Benami, Tel Aviv (solo-October 2017)

2017   Montreux Art Gallery 2017, Montreux (solo-November 2017)

2017   Agora Gallery Chelsea, New York City (collective-September 2017)

2017   Participation to the «Mostra Spoleto Arte» a cura

           di Vittorio Sgarbi (collective-July 2017)




2018   Bruno Art group, Tel Aviv, New Dehli, Singapour

2020   Artifact Gallery, New York City (solo exhibition–April 2020)




- International Prize «Tiepolo - Arte Milano»-April 2016

- International Prize «Colosseo - Roma»-May 2016

- International Prize «Casanova - Arte Venezia»-September 2016

- International Prize «Primo trofeo internazionale Arte Impero»-Paris,

  Vienna, Roma-June 2016

- Nominated «The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists»-Vienna-

  November 2016

- Nominated «D.O.C artist a cura di Paolo Levi»-Torino-June 2016

- International Prize «Francesco Goya, Barcelone»-May 1917

- International Prize «Caravaggio-Sale del Bramante, Roma»-May 2017

- Prize de l’Académie des Beaux Arts, Paris: 4e Prix Achille Fould-Styrber

  June 2017

- Participation to the Prize «1st Milan International Art Award a cura di

  Francesco Russo & Vittorio Sgarbi»-Milano-July 2017.

- Artisto premiato-Biennale Internazionale di Genova-June 2017




- Monography: «Philippe Thélin ou La Folie Positive-Peintures et dessins

  1997-2016», 125pp. Ed. CobraPh Sàrl. CH-Fribourg-August 2016

- Livre d’artiste: Mater Dolorosa par François Debluë, illustrations par

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- The Best 2016 Modern and Contemporary Artists curated by

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- Inside Artists, Contemporary Artists, Issue 7, winter 2017-London

- Art professionnals a cura di Petru Russu, Masters of Today,

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- About 25 articles and papers in specialized journals (France, Italia,

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- The Best 2017 Modern and Contemporary Artists curated by
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- Monography: «Philippe Thélin, paintings» Masters of today (MOT),

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  ISBN-10: 91-89685-37-7; ISBN-13:  978-91-89685-37-6




See «You Tube» under Philippe Thelin, namely «Philippe Thelin at work in his studio» (2 versions french/english) and «a video/interview by Agora Gallery at NewYork City»


- Philippe Thelin at work in his studio (english)

- AGORA Gallery SPOT LIGHT Chelsea NEW YORK (english)

- Galerie du Marché –Montreux (en français)




- Member «Newcomer» Visarte (Society «des arts visuels»-Switzerland)

- Member du Contemporary Art Curator Directory (Sweden)


- Resident artist at the Foundation Artist’s Way (Saint-Légier, Switzerland)


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