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Philippe Thélin


by Alain Chivilò

Art Critic and Curator, Freelance Journalist


Philippe Thélin

The expressive force


In the last century, the artistic movement of Expressionism, remaining in the figurative field, created and unveiled the feelings of humanity. Emotions and sensations that in the Fine Arts found new forms of expression than the past.

The Swiss artist Philippe Thélin in his personal artistic career feels this: a strong will to express everything that society perceives, starting from the perceptions that Master receives by his state of mind.

A “Sturm und Drang” painting where all feelings move on the object represented, because the deep interiority of the human soul is constantly traced. A painting that investigates everything felt through interiority. Precisely in Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's quote, “my paintings are allegories, not portraits”, revolves the expressionism poetics and consequently Thélin painter. A continuous struggle determined by deep emotions, is born in long compositional silences, because the Swiss master finds in them the essence that allows him to reveal the true color and the true brutal style that determines the reality.

A storm and an inner assault pervade his works in landscapes, still life, portraits, flowers and self-portraits.

Nothing is stubborn or complacent, because Philippe Thélin's works are true, raw, strong always able to shake but at the same time to denounce a collective spirit disrupted by infinite emotional situations.

In summary Thélin, as the German writer Kasimir Edschmid wrote, in expressionist painting we can find “a spirit requirement” where “it is not a style compendium. It's a soul problem. It's of humanity”.


(also published in the Italian magazine Artstyle, summer edition 2017)